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Smart Home App

App Design, UI/UX, Motion Design

Brief Introduction

This is a more comprehensive smart home App. In addition to controlling smart furniture, it will truly let users who don’t know smart home know what it is.

My Roles

· Project Proposer
· UE Designer
· App UI Designer
 UI Motion Designer

Project Background

· With the development and popularization of 5G and AI, smart home industry is booming. Smart home industry is an indispensable pillar in smart field.
· With multiple information, our project team decided to seize the moment and build an integrated service system for smart home industry.
· To users, try to build their own smart home system through online attempts, and guide potential users to choose smart home decoration projects.


103 Companies

China has 103 companies involved in smart home industry.

191 Investment Events

Since the development of smart home industry, there have been a total of 191 investment events, and the scale of industry has developed rapidly.

193.75 Billon

As China's largest smart home industry-related company, SenseTime has a total financing amount of RMB 193.75 billion.


Taking Lumi Lianchuang as an example, the total capacity of all related scientific and technological achievements in smart home industry since its establishment has reached 127.99T.

703 Billon

Since 2012, the total amount of financing in AI field has reached 6751 billion yuan. Among them, total financing amount of smart home industry reached 703 billion yuan, accounting for 11%.


Our team designed a questionnaire and distributed it to people of all ages.


Market pain spot: "Knowing it, don't know why"
According to the results of questionnaire, we found that many people are aware of smart home, but many of them have only heard of it but have not used smart furniture.
Feasibility: "Willing to try"
Smart home market has an extremely large group of potential users. According to our survey results, most people are willing to try smart homes, and their acceptance of prices exceeds current average market price.

Competitive Product Analysis

We also analyzed some smart home-related apps currently on the market.


1. Users can design their own favorite smart home solutions
2. After designing the plan, the user can directly purchase the corresponding smart furniture on the App and make an appointment for on-site installation service
3. Users can freely control the smart furniture at home through the App

App Logic Frame





Design备份 3.png
Design备份 6.png
Design备份 11.png
Design备份 9.png
Home-Air Condition.png
Home-Large Chandelier.png
Home-Add-Qr备份 4.png
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