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Ace Breakers

VR Sport Game, Multiplayer Game, Quest 2
2023.01 - 2023.05

Game Overview

  • Ace breakers is a multiplayer virtual reality pickleball game, the team aims to bring the excitement and competition of pickleball to life in an immersive and engaging way. The game will combine the realistic physics and motion with fantastical elements to provide players with a party-style experience. Ultimately, we want the game to teach people the basic rules of pickleball as well as to let players grasp the essence of this rising sport.

My Role

  • Solo Artist

  • Environment Artist

  • Character Artist

  • ​UI Designer


  • 6 People


  • Quest 2

  • ​Unity


  • 3.5 Months

Development Process


To give players a rich sports gaming experience, I made three pickleball courts. 

Some models developed in Maya:

Some materials developed in Substance Painter:

Final product:

​URP Pipeline

Because it's a VR game, if it's too bright the player will easily feel uncomfortable with their eyes or get dizzy, at the same time, in order to make the game environment have a normal shadow feedback and enhance the player's sense of immersion, I made a lot of special modifications to the game's URP Pipeline Asset.

2023-09-14 005143.jpg


Because we only had one 3D artist in our team, coupled with the functional limitations of Quest 2, we had to simplify the character design in the game as much as possible. 

In the end, I took reference from Nintendo Wii Sports and Rec Room's character designs to design our game characters.

As with courts, there are also four completely different characters for players to choose from.

Game UI

Since our game has many modes, in order to make players' learning of pickleball and integration into the game smoothly, we utilized big screens set up in courts as the vehicle for game UI, and designed easy-to-understand UI graphics.

I designed three sets of UI graphics, one for the game lobby, one for newbie instruction, and one for the match score display.

UI for game lobby

UI for newbie instruction

Simple interaction route map

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