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AR/VR Game, Passthrough, Quest 2
2022.09.21 - 2022.10.03

Game Overview

  • Arcadia is an AR+VR game that favors an immersive experience, allowing players to switch between the real world and the virtual world by capturing butterflies and touching plants.

  • This game has only one way of interaction, touch, and even for those who do not touch video games, we hope to give them a wonderful experience of traveling through the magical world.

My Role

  • 3D Artist

  • 3D Animator

  • ​VFX


  • 5 People


  • Quest 2

  • ​Unity


  • 2 Weeks

Creative Goal

  • Because we were required to do a game that naive guests can play without any hint,so we need to simplify the interaction of game as much as possible.

  • Naive guests may not understand too magical objects in virtual world, we need to design some plants that from real world but not too magical. It's a challenge to keep the balance between normal and magic.

Development Process(ART)


I choose to design four plants, and three plants from real world, one is actually a virtual plant. Finally, I have lotus, mimosa, mushroom and plantern(the virtual one).





Plants Animation

Because of our virtual world is a kind of magical world, it means when guests touch something in this world, the world will give guests some feedback. So I designed some animation for these plants. When our guests touch these plants, they will have changes.

Plants Animation with VFX


BVW Festvial

LOGO design

"Arcadia" was ultimately selected for showcase at the ETC Fall Festival, and we need to submit a logo of our game, so I designed the logo based on butterfly.

Final Logo

Design sketch

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