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屏幕截图 2022-11-22 014716.png

India Edition

Somatic Game, Multiplayer Game, Vive Tracker, 3D Rudder
2022.11.08 - 2022.11.22

Game Overview

  • Drunk Punchers is a soamtosensory action game developed based on two devices, Vive Tracker and 3D Rudder. 

  • This is a multyplayer game, needs four people to join the game. 

  • Our players will be devided into two teams, each controlling a drunk. And the players of same team will control different part of drunk, one controls feet, the other controls arms.

  • The game is very easy, players only need to cooperate and win the fight.

My Role

  • 3D Character Artist

  • Environment Artist

  • HDRP Light Artist


  • 5 People


  • ​Unity HDRP

  • Vive Tracker

  • 3D Rudder


  • 2 Weeks

Creative Goal

  • We don't want to make a game that ordinary people fight, the point is to control a drunk man to fight. It will becomes very interesting when you and your teammate need to cooperate to control a drunk guy who may not be very obedient (because he is drunk).

  • We want a very strong atmosphere to infect our players in advance, so they can't help but want to wave their limbs. Therefore, a game environment with such a strong style can greatly increase the immersion of players.

Development Process(Art)

  • After a lot of discussions, we decided to set the scene of the drunken fight on a street in India. Indian songs always make people want to dance along, and the streets of India are also full of characteristics, which can leave a deep impression on players in the first place.

HDRP Lighting

This is also my first experience with game environment design & modeling and HDRP environment development. Because we want a dark and a little cyberpunk style scene, so the control of the environment light and shadow is also very important.

Process of game scene's lighting development

Environment Design

India's streets and buildings can be described as full of character, slightly dirty streets, cluttered with billboards and Tuktuks. but some of these buildings also have a strong Indian religious culture. To make our game environment look more diverse, I designed the messy street and the neat Ganesha rooftop respectively.

屏幕截图 2022-11-22 014716_edited.jpg

Rooftop with Ganesha

Messy street

屏幕截图 2022-11-22 013033.png

Messy street

Messy street

Building & Billboard & Other Design

Building & Trashcan & Tuktuk


Character Texture Design

In the character texture design, I mainly reference the animation "JOJO's Bizarre Adventure" in the classic role of Wamuu, and add a lot of thangka and mandala painting elements. Make the character looks more unique.

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