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Competitive Game, Eye Tracker, 2D Game
2022.10.04 - 2022.10.11

Game Overview

  • Look & Spray is a two-player competitive game where two players need to paint as much of their own paint on the wall as possible within a limited time.

  • This is an Eye Tracker based game.

  • Two players have different ways of painting, one player uses the mouse, while the other player uses his eyes.

My Role

  • 2D Artist

  • 2D VFX

  • ​UI Designer


  • 5 People


  • ​Unity 2D

  • Eye Tracker


  • 1 Week

Creative Goal

  • Artistic assets of 2D games and 3D games are completely different, they have different ways of expression and effects.

Development Process(Art)


The balloon is something that can affect the player's situation in the game. When the balloon explodes, it may produce a large pool of paint, or it may erase the paint.

Red and blue balloons representing different player camps, and pumpkin balloon that can erase paint.

Explosion effects of different balloons

Other Blocks

In addition to balloons, there will be some obstacles in the game that affect players' performance. They will randomly appear on the screen and interfere with the player's sight.

Bike man



Game UI

Designed and created the game's UI graphics using Illustrator and Figma, ensuring high quality images and a consistent art style.

屏幕截图 2023-10-29 171704.jpg
屏幕截图 2023-10-29 171723.jpg
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