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VR Game, Storyline Game, Quest 2
2022.10.12 - 2022.11.02

Game Overview

  • "Singularity" is a story-based VR game, it tells the story of a husband who fulfills his deceased wife's dream of exploring the wormholes in the sky, but in the process of exploration, the husband meets with an accident, and then he has to make some choices...

My Role

  • 3D Hard Surface Artist

  • 3D Animator

  • ​UI Designer

  • Storytelling DIrector


  • 5 People


  • Quest 2

  • ​Unity


  • 2.5 Weeks

Creative Goal

  • This game will produce four completely different endings due to different choices of players. We hope to give players the right to choose the direction of the story, and give players enough freedom to write the stories they want.

Development Process(Art)


Spaceship is a very important part of the game. In order to be able to help players understand the chronological order of the story, the change of the spaceship plays a role of indirect guidance. So I designed different stages of the ship's appearance as well, from the initial structure, to the final product.

Three different stage of spaceship


Because player needs to drive the spaceship to adventure in later part of the game, so I also designed the internal cabin of the ship.

Cockpit not broken

Broken cockpit

Dog & Animation

The dog, as the assistant of main character of game, plays a very crucial role in establishing the relationship between player and game character at the beginning of game.




Float in cosmos

UI Design

Some contents displayed on monitors in the cockpit. For example, the UI that shows the remaining fuel of spaceship, reminding player of condition of spaceship.

Normal Fuel UI

Low Fuel UI

Robotic Arm

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