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Welcome to
Pulei Wang's Website

Hi! I am a 3D Environment Artist and UI Designer. Photography and filmmaking are more than hobbies, they are my passions.


I hope you find something you admire within my portfolio.


Ace Breakers

CMU ETC Semester Project
VR Pickleball Game

2023.01 - 2023.05

3D ​Environment Art, Character Art, Game UI

Plushie Pals

CMU Advanced Pipeline Project
3D Animation Pipeline

2023.01 - 2023.05

3D ​Environment Art, Arnold Light

Plushie GIF.gif
R5 GIF.gif

Drunk Punchers! India Edition

CMU ETC BVW Round 5 Project
Somatic Game, Multiplayer Game

2022.11.08 - 2022.11.22

​Environment Design, Character Design


CMU ETC BVW Round 4 Project
VR Game, Storyline Game

2022.10.12 - 2022.11.02

Hard Surface Modeling, UI Design, Gameplay Design

R4 GIF.gif

Paper Boat

Indie Game, Somatic Game

2021.10 - 2021.12

Level Design, Programmer,
Environment Design


CMU ETC BVW Round 2 Project
AR/VR Game, Passthrough

2022.09.21 - 2022.10.03

3D Animation, Organic Modeling

R2 GIF.gif
R3 GIF.gif

Look & Spray

CMU ETC BVW Round 3 Project
Competitive Game, Eye Tracker, 2D Game

2022.10.04 - 2022.10.11

UI Design, Gameplay Design, 2D Artist

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